The eerily loud thud that rang throughout Citi Field when David Wright was hit in the helmet by a fastball yesterday afternoon must have sounded like the nail being hammered into the coffin of what has been a season of misfortunes for the Mets. Wright was able to walk off the field on his own accord, but this morning was suffering from post-concussion symptoms despite being released from the hospital this afternoon.

Wright, the only major slugger on the team to avoid the DL this season, appears to be heading there. But Jerry Manuel wouldn't assure it, telling reporters, "I don’t have anything to do with how the medical people proceed. But for me as a manager, for what he has done for me, I want to give him every benefit of the doubt. What that is, I don’t know." A CT scan was negative, but fans still would breathe easier knowing that the team not repeat the mishandling of Ryan Church's concussion last year. Manuel did acknowledge there's a possibility the team could rest Wright for the rest of the year.

Coincidentally just a few days ago, the Times had run a feature on a new, bulkier helmet from Rawlings that can absorb up to a 100mph fastball (current helmets are compromised after 70). While many players balked at trying out a new helmet with such an unappealing appearance, Wright happened to be one of the few to put safety first. The All-Star third baseman told the paper, “If it provides more protection, then I’m all for it. I’m not worried about style or looking good out there. I’m worried about keeping my melon protected.”