The Yankees are so desperate to sell seats at their new stadium, they're having David Cone leave drunk dial-length messages for fans they hope to lure into buying high price tickets. Today's Post reports that the beloved Yankee pitcher is on phone duty trying to "persuade fans and corporations to spend $2,500 on luxury seats."

The team's strategy to eliminate the embarrassing clusters of prominent empty seats sounds like it's far from a perfect game however. The paper talked to one former season ticket holder who told them, "Cone left a four-minute voicemail on my machine about the seats. I liked the message, but it didn't change my mind. The whole thing is kind of comical."

Fans are still having no trouble finding unwanted tickets for the new stadium resold for cheap online. At Stubhub and Fansnap, $23 outfield tickets can be found for under ten bucks. One fan said it best, "In order to fill the seats, they need to start winning."

The Yankees actually do have an ace up their sleeve with a few seats that they're pretty confident they will be able to sell at top dollar. Tomorrow the team will finally announce details on how they plan to sell off seats at the old Yankee Stadium. After paying the city $11.5 million for all of the goodies stored inside the facility, the team expects to make $50 million selling it back to fans. Thirty-five years ago, the team sold seats ripped out of the stadium during its renovations for $7.50 and five empty packs of Winston cigarettes. There's no word yet if a similar promotional deal will be coming tomorrow.