We're worried that David Blaine has an eating disorder - he's planned his next stunt to take place over Thanksgiving! The illusionist, last seen submerged for days with gross skin issues at Lincoln Center, will be suspended over Times Square for three days. From E!:

The challenge, sponsored by Target to kick off the holiday shopping season, will get underway at 10 a.m. Tuesday, when Blaine is slated to be hoisted by crane to his destination, 40 feet above West 46th Street near Eighth Avenue.

There, he will be strapped in to a giant three-ringed gyroscope—said to be inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's famous Proportion of Man drawing and akin to the crazy carnival contraptions that make people sick on sight—and spin continuously, without protection from the elements...

His task: to make it safely out of the gyroscope by 6 a.m. on Nov. 24, aka Black Friday.

We assume this means he's recovered from the watery sphere experiment. And we hope that there will be some sort of protective layer between Blaine and the passers-by underneath, because we imagine a bit o' vomit.

But we can't rag on him too much - if he gets out okay, he'll escort 100 children and their families for shopping sprees at Target. The children and families are being chosen by the Salvation Army, which helped clothe Blaine. Blaine's statement read, "This is my chance to give back to the Salvation Army and to [help] benefit other families. It's my goal not only to successfully complete this challenge, but to help give others an extraordinary holiday season."