2006_05_prunehands.jpgDavid Blaine is going totally crazy in his fish tank at Lincoln Center. His skin is falling off but the showman (huckster?) in him is detemined to continue on. Whatever, check out page 13 of the NY Post. But he will be getting medical treatment over the weekend. No matter what you may think of David Blaine, seeing these photographs that Paul Kotik took of Blaine's hands, you'll feel bad for him...or at least better for yourself that you're not this dumb.

Gothamist on his immersion into the aquarium and the science behind the stunt. And yesterday, Kelly Ripa joined him in the ball yesterday, because if there's one thing an 8-foot in diameter water-filled sphere needs, it's Kelly Ripa.

Photograph of David Blaine's pruney hands on Wednesday from Derek7272 on Flickr