2006_06_davidblainebridge.jpgHoly mother of God. David Blaine is thinking about his next project (and probably the next five after that), and he wants it to be on the Brooklyn Bridge. In post-overhydration interview with the NY Post, Blaine says, "Challenging myself on this bridge has been my lifelong dream." And some people dream of finding a cure for cancer! And this would certainly be a challenge for the NYPD to secure the bridge. But we digress, because the interview is fun for a couple reasons:
- Blaine loves to namedrop: "I told my friends Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn about the sphere stunt, but they were extremely concerned for my safety." Even better: When Sean and Robin introduced him to a brain surgeon to explain why it was risky, Blaine just brought the brain surgeon onto his sphere stunt team!
- His favorite pizza is from DiFara - he would dream of it while in the sphere
- His prune hands went back to normal after a day
- His next plan is to film in the jungle and live with dangerous animals to show they aren't so dangerous (dude, tell that to Roy Horn!)

While we think most anything with David Blaine is insane, we'll probably be there when he strings himself up on the Brooklyn Bridge. We bet more people will be walking on it, so they can throw food at him.