If you ever thought that strapping yourself into a spinning gyroscope in 30-something degree weather for two days would be a good idea, then consider yourself David Blaine's kindred spirit.

This morning, as audience members and the press anxiously waited in the cold, the illusionist-showman embarked on his latest stunt: Hanging from a gyroscope over a former parking lot on West 46th Street between Broadway and Eighth Avenue for two days. Oh, and he's shackled, and must come out by 6AM Thursday morning, in order to make it in time for the Target 2 Day Sale.


Yes, Target is sponsoring the stunt and will give $500 gift certificates to 100 kids identified by the Salvation Army - if David makes it in time! (It's unclear if the kids will still get the gift certificates if David gets out early to too late; we think, for the sake of the kids, that Target will not be Scrooges and will give them their gift certificates.)

David Blaine was strapped into the gyroscope, which was being tinkered with until the last minute, including attaching a pair of black boots to the frame. Blaine said with the cold weather and the disastrous test runs of the gyroscope, so this could very well be "the most difficult thing I've ever faced." We love how everything is the most difficult thing ever.

(More pictures below)


It seems like Gyroscope David will be lowered from time to time, because he mentioned that kids would be able give him a spin every so often. Maybe he'll lowered down for bodily functions and the like - while still strapped in, of course.


Once he was raised above the crowd, he started spinning and everyone cheered. It looked very dizzying, but he seemed to be having fun. But we're still unclear as to how he's going to keep warm.