Creepy: The movie usher accused of stabbing a random boy in the back as he played a video game at Dave & Buster's Friday night had spent the day brushing up against other boys at malls on Long Island, sources tell Newsday (paywall). After his arrest, Evan Sachs, 23, reportedly told detectives that he'd already visited at least two malls that day "and approached several young boys, brushing up against them or bumping into them before walking off." But it wasn't until 8:30 that he allegedly placed one hand on the 8-year-old victim's left shoulder and plunged the 3 1/2-inch serrated blade repeatedly into his back.

The unidentified boy staggered backward, and Sachs allegedly fled to the men's room, where he was cornered by the boy's father and another witness. At least one of the five wounds punctured a lung, causing a partial collapse, officials tell Newsday. (He's currently listed in stable condition.) Sachs, a University of Albany graduate with no criminal record, is being held without bail and is under suicide watch at Nassau County jail. The Nassau County District Attorney says Sachs was found with a note indicating that he'd planned the attack.