Mayor-elect de Blasio's spokeswoman Lis Smith hasn't been heard from since it was revealed she was dating her old boss, the still-married former governor of New York Eliot Spitzer. And now the Post suggests that she may not be following de Blasio to City Hall.

Smith, 31, had worked on Spitzer's failed comptroller campaign before joining de Blasio's mayoral team ahead of the general election. After de Blasio's win, she has been handling communications for his transition.

The Post points out that de Blasio was critical of Spitzer when he ran for comptroller, and said, "Eliot has not only been absent, but Eliot is a child of the elite. And dare I say, he invalidated himself by his actions when he was in public office before," adding, "I'm not saying for a moment that he didn't do a few good things, particularly as attorney general, I think some of them were commendable, but his but his later actions I think took away the mantle of leadership in every way."

Smith didn't appear at a de Blasio press conference earlier this week, but de Blasio told reporters on Monday, "I respect Lis as a professional but I also respect her right to privacy. I think I’m getting my message out just fine." According to the Post, "De Blasio’s other representatives wouldn’t say whether Smith was working this week. She did not respond to a Post reporter’s e-mail Thursday on a matter unrelated to her affair with Spitzer."

Spitzer, who finally announced his marriage is over (something we could see coming since March 2008), spent Christmas at Smith's parents' home.