In an effort to make scofflaws settle up faster, increase towing efficiency, and decrease references to Dude, Where's My Car?, the city announced that it will boot the cars of drivers who owe more than $350 in fines.

Apparently the city's pilot program to ease the boots back into use was successful, and the terms will remain the same: the boots will be reserved for drivers who owe more than $350 in fines, and will stay on until the owner calls to pay their fines. Once paid, the driver can receive a code to remove the boot themselves (which then has to be returned to one of 12 locations within 48 hours) or someone from the city will remove it for them.

If the city doesn't hear from the owner of the booted car after 48 hours, it is towed.

Of course, there are other ways to remove the boot: "This is New York. Somebody with a good welding torch can cut these suckers off in 60 seconds," a AAA spokesman told the Times. Only a "few" drivers went this route during the pilot period.

One of the boot-fitters was arrested in February for taking a $100 bribe from a driver, so you know you're going to have to do better than that.