It's yet another Ivy League drug case! Proving that the pressure to pay student loans has become absolutely unbearable, a Dartmouth graduate was charged with attempted manufacture of methamphetamine after police raided his apartment and found what they believe to be a meth lab. 28-year-old chemistry student (were you expecting medieval literature?) Randy Lambreghts was narced out by his roommate who "feared" for his "mental and physical health," the Daily News reports. Everybody knows that when there's a sock on the doorknob, that means "cooking crystal meth," and you must leave them be.

Lambreghts is Belgian, and received his BA and a MA in biochemistry from the University of Ghent, and is being held on $20,000 bail for a crime that anyone who watches Breaking Bad knows isn't that big of a deal. Although test results of the material found in the apartment haven't confirmed that Lambreghts was in fact making methamphetamine, the crime carries a maximum of 20 years in jail, a $300,000 fine, and hopefully a haircut.