Last night, an Edgewater, NJ movie theater ended its screening of "The Dark Knight Rises" midway through the movie after a person got up to open the emergency door. The odd move had concerned another moviegoer (for obvious reasons) who called the police.

According to the Star-Ledger, "The caller told police that about 90 minutes into the show, a male stood up, walked to an emergency exit and opened it, spoke to someone outside, and then walk back to his seat and sit down, [police spokesman Sgt. Steven] Titus said. When police arrived, they stopped the movie, turned up the lights, and asked the person who had opened the door to step forward, Titus said. After no one did so, police and theater management decided to cancel the showing, he said."

The moviegoers all received refunds, but didn't get to watch the rest of the picture! Unfortunately, this is one of many incidents at screenings at The Dark Knight Rises.