Police are looking for the person or people who broke into a bank in Borough Park, Brooklyn over the weekend by cutting a hole in the roof and dropping into the vault, making off with $280,000 in cash.

The HSBC bank on 13th Avenue closed for the weekend on Friday afternoon, and it wasn't until well into the workday on Monday that workers discovered the heist. The burglars apparently entered through a vacant lot behind the branch, cutting through a chain-link fence and using a ladder to climb to the roof. From there, they sawed into the vault and cleaned it out, also taking valuables from safe deposit boxes. The money was insured.

The largely Hasidic Jewish neighborhood would have been quiet from Friday night through Saturday for the Jewish Sabbath, and the alarm seems not to have gone off during the caper. ABC7 reported that the culprits somehow eluded the bank's security cameras as well.

Neighbors gathered to gawk on Monday evening as NYPD investigators continued to comb in and around the bank.

"You give them credit for chutzpah," Yaakov Tapechi told the New York Times. "Then again, they stole $280,000."

Reporters for the Times and elsewhere remarked that the heist was like something out of a movie, but considering that burglars sawed through the roof of a bank on the Lower East Side on July 4th, 2014, under the cover of the sound of the Independence Day fireworks, that movie should be called Real Life. (The 2014 heist remains unsolved.)