Dan Hoyt, the unwitting poster boy for public lewdness caught on camera, was arraigned in court for four counts of public lewdness yesterday. The Daily News described Hoyt as smirking, sneering, and arrogant, telling one reporter, "It's a misdemeanor," much to the disgust of Thao Nguyen who took the photograph of Hoyt being a jerk in the subway. She told the Daily News, "Perhaps his smug attitude and total lack of remorse may influence the judge's sentence? If there's ever been an example of a guy who deserves the full three-month prison sentence, he's it." Also during the trial, he "smiled and yawned through the brief hearing, and sported a self-satisfied look as he left the courthouse." Interestingly enough, his lawyer claimed Hoyt turned himself in immediately, but the DA's office reminded the court that he refused to meet with the police for a few days. The $5,000 bail was posted by Hoyt's ex-wife and co-owner of raw food restaurants Quintessence.

Photograph by Thao Nguyen