Danny Dorrian, who owned downtown bar The Falls, the last place 24-year-old John Jay College grad student Imette St. Guillen was seen, testified that he lied to police who were investigating St. Guillen's murder because he remembered how his family was treated during the Preppy Murder: "I could just imagine the repercussions it would set off -- lawsuits, police, bad press. If I pretended it didn't happen, maybe it wouldn't be true. I didn't believe it was true."

A bouncer at The Falls, Darryl Littlejohn, is on trial for St. Guillen's murder. A day after she was missing, St. Guillen's naked body was found raped, beaten and wrapped in a comforter, dumped off the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn. The cops headed to The Falls to talk to Dorrian; the Daily News reports, "Danny Dorrian admitted telling cops he didn't remember St. Guillen...after leaving his bar, The Falls, on Feb. 25, 2006. He also conveniently failed to mention that ex-con bouncer Darryl Littlejohn escorted her out of the joint and was the last one seen with the beauty. 'I told them certain things and I left certain things out,' Dorrian conceded." Dorrian had asked St. Guillen to leave because it was closing time—and asked Littlejohn to escort her from the premises.

Dorrian's family owns Dorrian's Red Hand on the Upper East Side, which is where Robert Chambers met Jennifer Levin in 1986 before killing her in Central Park. Dorrian testified that he decided to tell the truth a week later. According to the Post, he called his dad about the investigation, "It looks like there's a situation down at The Falls, and it looks pretty serious. A young lady was murdered, and I think the police should look at my doormen because they would be the last people to see her alive."

LIttlejohn's lawyers will cross-examine Dorrian today; in opening statements, defense lawyer Joyce David suggested Dorrian was the real killer and that Littlejohn was being framed because Dorrian's family is wealthy and connected (his brother-in-law is Rudy Giuliani adviser Anthony Carbonetti).