Danny Dorrian, the former manager of downtown bar The Falls, was hammered on the witness stand by defense lawyers representing his former employee, Darryl Littlejohn. Littlejohn is on trial for the murder of Imette St. Guillen, last seen at The Falls on February 25, 2006.

On Tuesday, Dorrian had admitted that he lied to police about seeing St. Guillen and yesterday, he admitted that he let cops put words in his mouth when he told the police that St. Guillen and Littlejohn had spoken to each other: "I told the detectives that [Littlejohn and St. Guillen] were having a conversation and that it escalated... By the end of the interrogation it came out as if it were a scream... They just put it down ... After 25 times of asking me what had happened, I said, 'Yes, fine, she was screaming.' They put down screaming."

Dorrian, 36, had chalked up his initial lack of help in the 24-year-old's murder investigation because his family was raked over the coals when the Preppy Murderer Robert Chambers had met his victim Jennifer Levin at his family's other bar, Dorrian's Red Hand on the Upper East Side, in 1986. He eventually came forward with information, "I didn't tell them everything. I [later] told them what I remembered in more detail."

Littlejohn's defense lawyer Joyce David has suggested that Dorrian is the real murderer and that Littlejohn is being framed because he's a criminal and a black man, therefore considered expendable. The Post reports that David got Dorrian to admit he's taken acting classes at Stella Adler, he's used cocaine, and he's very privileged, living with his parents' in their "tony" townhouse." The prosecution, though, did get Dorrian to state he had nothing to do with the murder.