The ongoing investigation into the death of freelance journalist and recent Columbia University graduate Kim Wall has revealed that she was stabbed 14 times, and that the man suspected of killing her was in possession of videos showing women being decapitated and burned, a Danish prosecutor said Tuesday.

Prosecutor Jakob Buch-Jepsen also noted that the cause of Wall's death had not been determined, but added that the knife wounds were likely inflicted "at the time of death or shortly afterwards," the Local of Sweden reported.

The 30-year-old journalist was last seen boarding a submarine in Copenhagen with Peter Madsen, a well-known Danish inventor and the subject of her latest article. She was reported missing the next morning by her boyfriend, and ten days later her headless and mutilated body was found on the Eastern coast of Denmark. According to Copenhagen police chief Jens Moeller, the torso had been weighed down by a piece of metal, and had marks suggesting that someone had attempted to press the air out of the body.

Peter Madsen — the entrepreneur and DIY-submarine builder who Danish authorities believe to be responsible for the grisly death — has changed his story several times since Wall's disappearance. After initially saying he dropped her off alive on a nearby island, Madsen now claims she was killed in an accident involving the submarine's hatch.

He is currently being held on charges of manslaughter and abuse of a corpse, and has denied intentionally killing or mutilating Wall.

Also on Tuesday, Buch-Jepsen told the court that a hard drive had been found in Madsen's workshop containing videos of women being executed and burned to death. Madsen denied that the videos belonged to him, and insisted that he was "not the only person" with access to the hard drive, according to the Ekstra Bladet newspaper.

In response to the new evidence, Buch-Jepsen asked the Coopenhagen City Court to detain Madsen for the length of the hearing, noting that, "It's not just that we have the same grounds for arrest as before, but I think they are stronger than last time."

The judge later agreed, ruling that Madsen will remain locked up until October 31st while police continue their investigation.