Five days after autopsy results gave additional confirmation that Diane Schuler's blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit with further indication that she had been smoking marijuana before the Taconic car wreck that killed eight, her husband Daniel and lawyer Dominic Barbara took to the airwaves on Larry King Live last night, saying they would once again challenge those results.

Barbara said that the Schuler family is now asking for the body to be exhumed in order to clear Mrs. Schuler's name. Barbara noted that a private investigator revealed that Mrs. Schuler bought an over-the-counter pain medication along the trip home before the crash and also claimed that charring that occurred to her body could have turned blood sugar into alcohol. Barbara said he believes that there is enough evidence for a second autopsy to be performed.

Daniel Schuler told Larry King, "The truth will come out. I know my wife was not drinking; she does not drink, very rarely. There's an error somewhere. She was a perfect wife, outstanding mother, reliable person, trustworthy. I would marry her again tomorrow. She was awesome. She was the best." Newsday says he "ducked questions" about his wife's marijuana usage and deferred them to Barbara. Diane Schuler's sister-in-law Jay Schuler said, "She can’t rest in peace until we can clear her. Diane would want us to do this, to fight for her.” Former NYC chief medical examiner Dr. Michael Baden, who currently works for the state police, told Newsday the Westchester ME should have conducted a hair test, "It often isn't done. But when eight people die, that's different. I think it would have been prudent to do."

The lawyer for family members of crash victims Michael and Guy Bastardi has had little tolerance for Mr. Schuler's denials about his wife's substance usage and turned up the heat in his response after the King appearance. Attorney Irving Anolik said, "Daniel Schuler is an absolute liar or else he is trying to perpetrate a hoax in this matter." There was also word from the a representative for family members of the other victim in the crash, Daniel Longo. His family said claims denying Diane Schuler's responsibility for this tragedy are "appalling, offensive and hurtful."