2005_05_peppermint.jpgCandy is the new killer! It was tragic news that a Yonkers little girl died Tuesday after choking on a peppermint candy, but now it seems that another child died while choking on a peppermint ball. Ashley Johnson of Queens had been in front of a neighbor's yard when she choked on the peppermint ball, which the police described as "one of the large peppermint candy balls." Like Jocelys Santiago in the Bronx, EMT were able to clear Johnson's air passage but were unable to revive her. Yesterday, Santiago's mother, Coralys Cruz, begged other parents not to buy the peppemint candies for their children. The Post adds that "Pediatricians say that children under 5 should never be given candy or uncut grapes because they can easily lodge in their small mouths." Gothamist will this also to be a reminder not to eat and run at the same time.