This police blotter story in the Brooklyn Paper has it all: violence, Brooklyn, hipsters, the NYPD, puke, and lots and lots of alcohol. According to police reports, earlier this month a 28-year-old and his girlfriend were enjoying one too many drinks at the Bushwick Country Club. The young man started vomiting at the bar at 2:45 a.m., but refused to leave upon the encouragement of all those around him, including staff. But when the vomit landed on one employee's shirt, things went "from disgusting to dangerous" (or really just a hybrid of the two). After being forced out of the venue, "a female bartender doused the victim in water and struck him in the head with a plastic bucket—leaving a laceration that required seven stitches. Then a gang of drinkers from the bar roughed up the victim on the sidewalk in front of the venue." Can a plastic bucket really do that much damage? Anyway, the real story here is that the PBR-fueled hipsters turned on one of their own. Is this the beginning of the end?