A ballroom dancing grandma who was hit by a bus three years ago was awarded $10 million in Brooklyn yesterday. Josephine Pantano, 80, said in court that she was hit by a city bus that she claimed ran a red light at the intersection of Bath and 25th avenues in Bath Beach, and was left in a hospital bed for six weeks with a fractured neck, broken leg bones and a shattered ankle, and had to undergo months of painful rehabilitation. Now she has a limp, is forced to walk with a cane, and might never dance again.

In a diabolical effort to unseat lion triplets and wayward seals as the cutest specimens in the five boroughs, Pantano told jurors that as a result of the accident, she and her husband Nunzio could no longer engage in their favorite activities, like ballroom dancing at the Rainbow Room and bowling. Pantano's lawyer, William Schwitzer, noted that she "told me she never liked hanging out with old people. She had such an upbeat spirit." And now she has all the money she needs to attract as many strapping young companions she wants!