Today's woeful Hitchockian tale of mistaken identity is that of Jeffrey Fares, who is suing the city for being thrown in jail after a woman mistook him for a livery driver. The Post reports Fares, a 56-year-old Egyptian immigrant and professional dancer, was parking his car in Midtown on May 16 to pick up some food from a nearby food cart. Unfortunately, Fares' car happened to be a black Lincoln Town Car, and since non-livery cab Town Cars aren't too common around these parts, a woman mistook Fares for a driver and climbed in.

But though the woman reportedly got out upon learning her mistake, officials from the Taxi and Limousine Commission caught wind of Fares' fifteen seconds of faux-cabbie fame, and asked to see his license. Fares then alleges that the officials pulled him out of the car and "battered and assaulted" him, before NYPD cops showed up and arrested him. Now, Fares is suing the city for false arrest, unreasonable force and unlawful stop and search, in addition to other allegations.

"Mr. Fares wants these officers to be held accountable," Fares' lawyer, Afsaan Saleem, told the Post. Fares' case is one of a number of stop-and-frisk related suits against the city, and despite reports that the number of NYPD stop-and-frisks have decreased considerably in recent months, the practice continues to be controversial.