Nothing spices up the Midtown Manhattan skyline quite like a giant pointy glass structure towering above a glittering sea of lesser pointy glass structures. If the Bank of America tower excites you, this new promotional video for the 1,501-foot-tall One Vanderbilt tower is gonna make you shit your Chop't salad.

Sure you might have seen other, more pallid renderings of the 63-story, 1.6 million-square-foot office hive next to Grand Central that will eventually become the third-tallest building in the city. But video is believing.

Midtown Manhattan.

Who wants us to go to Midtown? Why are we going to Midtown? Can we please not go to Midtown or talk about going to Midtown?

No other neighborhood has that essential energy, pace, and progress.

No other neighborhood has that many people—millions of pounds of flesh, intestines extruding gas, lungs expiring Nuts 4 Nuts fumes, feet stepping over half-eaten rotisserie chickens stuffed with purple wigs, tongues spinning in a thousand languages in the hum of frenzied confusion, Dante Alighieri ducking into Ruby Tuesdays to puke on top of a pile of broken umbrellas.

And it's about to become even better.

Will it have dozens of clean, public restrooms?

One Vanderbilt is coming to Midtown East. It will change the neighborhood, and the city forever.

Not before 2017, the entirety of which will require the "excavation/foundation work" that will make the neighborhood even that much more unique—and that's assuming the lawsuit filed by Grand Central's owner against developer SL Green Realty Corporation for $1.1 billion in unpaid air rights is dispatched. The developer has agreed to build $220 million worth of transit improvements to Grand Central. If we're lucky (we're New Yorkers!) the building will be ready in 2021.

TD Bank has already signed up to lease 200,000 square feet of One Vanderbilt, and build a "flagship" store there as well. Who will be the next exciting tenant to revitalize Midtown?

[via real estate blog 6sqft]