After nine games it is clear that we do not really know what this Giants team is capable of. During their six-game winning streak, the defense looked like one of the best in the NFL but as yesterday’s 31-20 loss showed, they are hugely inconsistent. The same thing can be said of Eli Manning. Eli teases you with just enough brilliance to make you think he is about to live up to his hype, but then he stumbles in a big spot.

Sunday’s game came down to lousy execution on both sides of the ball. The Giants could not come up with a way to keep Terrell Owens under wraps and when their pass rushers couldn’t apply any pressure, Tony Romo found his top receiver. On the offensive side of things, stupid penalties and bad communication did them in.

And now you have to wonder what will happen to this team? The questions are going to be asked all week and all the pundits will note that they started 6-2 last year only to finish 8-8. The schedule doesn’t get easier and the potential for things to turn badly quickly is there. This is the point where good QB’s take their game to the next level. The question is, can Eli do that?

Photo of Terrell Owens scoring his 2nd touchdown of the game by AP/Kathy Willens