Jon Stewart kicked off the Daily Show last night with a look at Bill de Blasio's victory party, chastising the media for "underselling" the mayoral frontrunner's family by describing them as merely "photogenic." Stewart swoons for de Blasio & Co., declaring, "Somehow after 12 years of 'Captain Soda Narc' I think New York City might be ready for a charismatic bi-racial family with their own signature synchronized dance moves that appear to have been beamed here from their very own 1970s musical variety special. Who is better than this family?"

In this clip Stewart also reveals why Republicans will love de Blasio, and makes time to look at the ignominious last gasp of Anthony Weiner's campaign. John Oliver, who reveled in Weiner's "Carlos Danger" alter-ego while Stewart was away all summer, also showed up for one last hilariously reluctant Danger dance: