This election season has truly suffered without Jon Stewart behind The Daily Show desk, and Trevor Noah's tenure thus far has been tepid at best. But Noah & Co. did good last night, dedicating an entire episode to gun control thanks to the NRA's recent endorsement of Donald Trump and general stranglehold over any gun control policy proposed, no matter how small.

Noah dug into Trump's hypocrisy when it comes to sucking up to the gun-clutching masses, considering he's voiced support of gun control in the past—even pointing out how at the NRA meeting last week, Trump said he gets "a little bit concerned" about how many rifles and guns his sons own (A Trumpian slip: "When you tell the truth when you're trying to pander,"). Meanwhile, correspondent Desi Lydic asked NRA members if they support policies like universal background checks and paperwork on automatic weapons, which, surprisingly, they do.

And Katie Couric stopped by to talk about her new documentary, "Under the Gun," which focuses on the facts and terms surrounding gun control. "I couldn't understand the disconnect, Trevor, after Sandy Hook, how 90 percent of the people in this country favored universal background checks and yet Congress could get nothing passed," Couric told Noah, pointing out again that NRA members overwhelmingly support gun safety, even if the words "gun control" freak them out.

"It's partly the branding, but also the narrative that's been established by the gun lobby, and the fear and paranoia it instills," Couric said. "Anytime there's even a bit of discussion about common sense regulation, they gen up certain extreme guns rights advocates and get them whipped up into such a frenzy, primarily because they want people to go out and buy more guns. Because they really work more for the gun manufacturers than the gun owners, in my opinion."

You can watch the whole interview below, and the whole episode is available on Comedy Central's website.