2006_10_tracyconnor.jpgAfter last month's breastfeeding confrontation at Toys R Us (which was followed by a Times Squre nurse in), the Daily News decided to send a reporter undercover. Well, sort of. Tracy Connor, who we really liked while watching Bravo's Tabloid Wars, and her three month old daughter Charlie went on a breastfeeding odyssey in "humble and posh locations" all around town to see "who is hip to NIP" (that's Nurse In Public). Connor and baby Charlie went to:

- The Apple Store - Will hipsters freak out at the Fifth Avenue store?
- An M79 crosstown bus - "Riders develop the kind of glazed-eye look usually reserved for panhandlers and the mentally ill"
- Babies R Us - "I feed my child quietly for five minutes - until a worker spots me"
- The Metropolitan Museum of Art - breastfeeding at the Temple of Dendur!
- Le Cirque - "Everyone acts as though the suckling is as natural as a $100 lunch tab"

It's a pretty hilarious article - and we hope this means Charlie has earned her street cred as a beat reporter.