We always thought the Post hated Spitzer the most, but hours before Eliot Spitzer makes his CNN talk show co-hosting debut, the Daily News has a story slamming him: "As the disgraced former Luv Gov weighs in on the national and state issues of the day, more should remember what a dismal governor Spitzer was before his dalliance with call girls became public."

The reminders include, "It was Spitzer who selected scandal-plagued governor-in-waiting David Paterson as his lieutenant without a proper vetting," "It was Spitzer who sought to hike New York's already out-of-control spending by more than 6% his first year and 5% his second, setting the stage for an even worse fiscal calamity for the state," and "It was Spitzer who pushed campaign finance reform as a top priority even while offering special access to those who raised up to $1 million for his campaign coffers." And, yes, Troopergate.

Democratic consultant Hank Sheinkopf puts it plainly, "He was not a good governor, he didn't get anything accomplished and he created chaos - otherwise he was fine. The fact this guy now is going to tell America how to function after what he did to New York is a disgrace." Rick Sanchez, you should have used these arguments to complain about your talk show being cancelled to make way for Parker Spitzer.