Stalkers: They're not just for famous people anymore! A Daily News photographer gave the tabloid a scoop on her three-year long battle with Allen Novell, who she says has been creepily stalking her. She has filed numerous police reports, but was told that her chances of getting an order of protection were slim to none, since Novell has never harmed her and lives in her neighborhood. One detective left her with this bit of advice: "Keep your head up."

The anonymous photographer says she first noticed Novell in 2007 on the subway and in her local grocery store, where he claimed he didn't know what she was talking about when she asked if he was following her. However, he then showed up at Fashion Week in Bryant Park. She continued to yell at him whenever she saw him, and filed numerous police reports, but the Brooklyn district attorney's victims services unit told her it would be hard to prove that these rendezvous's were more than just a coincidence. She writes, "I want the law—or how it is enforced—changed so I can leave the house without looking over my shoulder. I want my life back."

Novell told the Daily News, "The girls, they notice me. They think I have a good body. I could get models." Check out that tank top! Not all at once, ladies, but there's enough Novell to go around.