Ninety celebrities and Daily News staff writers shared their favorite spots around town for the paper to turn into a fun (and addictive) interactive map in honor of their 90th birthday. Spots go from the painfully obvious (News baseball writer Bill Madden couldn't come up with something better than Yankee Stadium?) to some shockers (Chloe Sevigny choosing somewhere above 14th Street!). There are some fun personal anecdotes mixed in, like Rosie Perez talking about her high-school track and SNL's Abby Elliot sharing the restaurant her comedian dad Chris took her to after her first failed audition. Without Ghostface being polled, poor Staten Island didn't get one locale chosen in the bunch. But at least News readers can find a few excuses to trek up to the Bronx. Remy Ma gives the lowdown on City Island, telling the paper, "Sammy's restaurant in City Island was like the Mr. Chow's of the Bronx. Growing up as a teenager that was the place you'd go to with a guy and then come back and tell everybody, "Girl, he took me to Sammy's!" It meant something."