Adam Clayton Powell IV, who is trying to unseat embattled Rep. Charles Rangel, was caught taking thousands of dollars of campaign donations from the owner of Bronx strip club Sin City. The Daily News confronted and browbeat Powell into promising to return the money yesterday, telling him about owner Konstantine (Gus) Drakopoulos, who pleaded guilty to insider trading in 2002 and was recently slapped with a racial and sexual harassment suit by dancers at his club.

"Wow," Powell repeated six times, "I don't want to hear any more. Jesus Christ, that's quite a resume...I'm going to return the money. I want no part of anybody like that." Drakopoulos claims he gave Powell five $1,000 donations this spring, though Powell says there were only three checks, which he said he returned Wednesday. The News sounded even more excited than that time the "bumbling New York Post reporter was busted".