The NYPD and police unions are shocked, shocked to find that ticket quotas are being sought at Brooklyn's 77th Precinct, as the Daily News presented them with memos that were posted for weeks in the station's call room, "Two notices obtained by the Daily News clearly spell out how many moving-violation summonses cops should be handing out" in the "crime-ridden 77th Precinct, which covers Crown Heights and Prospect Heights." The News published two memos—one from April, one from October—that tell cops to be sure to issue tickets to drivers with infractions involving cell phones, double parking, bus stops, seat belts, handicap spots, tinted windows, and more.

NYPD spokesman Paul Brown said the notices were posted without approval, "If it were an authorized posting, it would indicate by the authority of the commanding officer. This was neither authorized nor compelled" (the News' source says they were posted for weeks) while a police union spokesman said if the memo was posted, the directive probably came from a supervisor, "There is no reason for one of our members to put up something like this."

The members of NYPD Rant are discussing the article; one wrote, "If you want to witness what the quota is doing to the job,just look at your nearest impact posts. The newer guys are learning how to be summons machines instead of cops. I don't know about some of you, but hammering bicycle deliverymen, or banging people for walking between train cars is not what I call police work." And the News points out, "The notices in the 77th Precinct may not have been very effective. As of Oct. 17, the precinct had handed out 7,937 moving violations, a 4.4% decline from a year earlier, NYPD figure"