Joe Lhota is pairing vintage HUAC testimony with dubstep. Bill de Blasio slept through his 11:30 a.m. campaign appearance yesterday. With a 40 point chasm in the polls, the City is poised to treat Tuesday's election as a thing that happened between pastry fads. In this spirit of stultifying malaise, the Daily News published a deeply negative "endorsement" of Bill de Blasio.

Newspaper endorsements aren't worth much (ask Christine Quinn). The Daily News is clearly not enthusiastic about de Blasio, so why bother cramming 2,000 words of criticism under a positive headline? Why not endorse Joe Lhota? Or this sideshow of celebrities without makeup?

Two days from the election, the only result to be determined is de Blasio’s victory margin. Supported by an attractive family, he effectively conveyed that he was different from bad, bad billionaire Bloomberg, dismissed New York’s gains over the past dozen years as barely worth mentioning and campaigned on the cheery assumption that life will continue to brighten—only more so.

Besides "cheery assumptions," de Blasio has another gift for New Yorkers: Death.

Unwisely, he will not appeal the discredited ruling and endorses the unfounded view that New York’s cops engaged in wholesale unconstitutional conduct. So much for backing the Finest. De Blasio also welcomes the appointment of a federal monitor to oversee the NYPD. So much for protecting mayoral authority…He will have to do a lot better in order to avoid becoming the mayor who brought back murder.

How much will it cost to license and artfully remix a certain Justin Timberlake track? There's only one man brave enough to find out.