The story of Gregory Gordon, the NYPD's Daggering Cop took an ugly turn this year when his Facebook posts calling NYC first lady Chirlane McCray a "crack addict" and asking why there isn't a White Entertainment Television were revealed to the world. Now there's a chance that a black man shot by Gordon in 2013 may have been both unarmed and running away from him, the Daily News reports.

The incident in which Gordon shot a man happened on February 2, 2013, when he and a partner confronted Michael Walker after getting a tip that he was going to commit an armed robbery. Walker ran from the officers, and Gordon shot Walker in the chest after he turned and pointed the gun at officers, a police report at the time claimed. However Daily News got their hands on a hospital discharge report that states Walker was shot in the back.

Furthermore, court records from a civil rights lawsuit Walker filed against the department in 2014 said that the handgun found at the scene was 20 feet away from where Walker collapsed, the judge trying Walker's criminal trial concluded Walker didn't have a gun in his hands when he was shot, and Walker himself contends that no fingerprint or DNA test proves he was in possession of the gun.

Walker, whose $25 million lawsuit is still ongoing, remains in prison after pleading guilty to attempted possession of a firearm. His lawyer on the civil rights lawsuit, Andrew Plasse, told the paper that in light of Gordon's Facebook posts, Walker's conviction should be vacated.