There are lots of presents you could bestow upon your father for Father's Day—Drop Crotch Acid Wash Lounge Sweatpants, for instance, or The Eagles: The Complete Greatest Hits. But these gifts are easily misplaced or forgotten, and doesn't Dear Old Dad have enough of Glenn Frey's music, anyway? This year, give the man who sired you what he really wants—a lapdance.

At least that's strip joint Show Palace's idea. The "Totally Nude" LIC club is reportedly offering a Father's Day deal on Sunday, granting free entry and a lap dance to the first 100 dads that show up. After all, there's no better way to celebrate being a father than to remind yourself of how you got there in the first place. Plus, you can bring your kids! "There are guys who come in with their kid if they just turned 18,” Starlight, one of the club's employees, told the Daily News. “Like father, like son, you know?”

To be sure, not everyone thinks spending Father's Day with a roomful of topless women and other horny dads is such a stellar idea, with one activist telling the tabloid he preferred to spend the Hallmark holiday with his biological family, for some reason. And Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer, who represents the area, called the event "tasteless and crass." Then again, Show Palace serves up its T&A with a $26 T-Bone—a better deal than Del Frisco's!

Show Palace, which has not responded to our requests for comment, has been embroiled in some controversy in the past. The club was engaged in a liquor license battle since 2012, in an ostensible effort to oust them from the neighborhood. And from the looks of their menu, they still only serve non-alcoholic beer and wine (and juice!), so get Dad good and liquored up before you send him off to have a nice lady gyrate on top of him this weekend.