We know that we certainly love airing our dirty laundry in the press and it seems that Democratic City Councilman Vincent Gentile's dad does too. The elder Gentile turns to the Post today for the second time this year in an attempt to get a few hundred thousand bucks out of his son. "He should be ashamed of himself! Let people read that!" Frank Gentile complained to the Post after his son didn't immediately buy him out of the family home.

The root of the issue is a house in Dyker Heights where Vincent Gentile currently lives, which Frank Gentile and his ex-wife Theresa bought in 1969. After the couple divorced in 1981 Theresa stayed put while Frank paid alimony and retained a half-interest in the building. When Theresa died last year, Frank, who now lives in Florida, tried to sell his half of the building to Vincent and his two siblings but balked that the $200,000 they offered wasn't enough cash.

Earlier in the year the Councilman, through a spokesman, insisted the family is trying to work through the issues but his father, who gives quotes that sound exactly like our stereotype of an angry Florida retiree, says that isn't the case. Complaining that his son hasn't called him since the mess started he even plays the guilt card: "It [the money from the house] would be a nice Christmas present for me. I would use it to pay off my credit-card bills."

We suspect, if only to get the Post off Vincent's back, the Gentiles will be coming to some kind of a solution soon enough.