2007_02_qnshr.jpgLong Island resident Christopher Savini was charged with leaving the scene of an accident after he fled from yesterday morning's hit and run on the Grand Central Parkway that killed a man and injured a woman. Christian Melendez had crashed, while possibly speeding, into a guardrail (his Honda was not initially hit, as previously reported). The Daily News reports that Melendez's car was "perpendicular to the road and blocking two westbound lanes," and he and passenger Andrea Machiqua got out of the car to inspect the damage. Sources say the 28 year old Melendez, who had a previous DWI and a suspended license, had been drinking earlier and that alcohol was found in the car.

Savini, driving a Chevy Impala, crashed into the Honda, which then crushed Melendez and Machiqua. Melendez died at Mary Immaculate Hospital while 16 year old Machiqua's lower left leg was amputated. Savini's license plate had fallen off at the scene, but he still drove off. When he called his father from a friend's house, his father convinced him to surrender and brought him to the crime scene.

Savini, who has had prior arrests for drug possession and dealing, faces four years in prison if convicted. Melendez's fater said, "You see an accident, stop and help... He should have stayed there and helped him, or called the ambulance."