2007_04_yellowpepper.gifThere's a fine line between a parent reprimanding a child with punishment and assault. A Staten Island man was charged with assault and child endangerment after he admitted to rubbing a hot yellow pepper on his 11- and 8-year-old sons' naked bodies - including their genitals, including their faces.

Why hot yellow peppers? The Staten Island Advance reports that the father, Ganganue Gonesh, explained to the police, "I use pepper to rub on their body because this is how we are disciplined in our country [Liberia], in Africa." Why was he punishing the kids? Because the police brought them home "for skipping school and allegedly boosting video games." A neighbor called the police after finding one son naked in the hallway of their Park Hill apartment building.

The sons were treated at a hospital for burning. Gonseh was released, and the Post reports that he teaches the Bible at his church and was chosen "father of the year" by the church. And the Advance writes, "There have been a few cases of child-care centers sanctioned for the practice, but it is unclear if any parents have ever been charged or convicted of a crime for 'hot-saucing' their children." Lisa Whelchel, aka Blair from The Facts of Life, is a hot-saucing proponent.