After some criticism over why her office didn't press charges against the Hofstra student who falsely accused five men of raping her in a dorm bathroom, Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice explained that her main goal was to get a public admission of guilt, "This is a big deal. You look at the Duke case and at the Tawana Brawley case and you see that those women never admitted to anything."

Four of the five men were arrested and jailed; the fifth falsely accused man had cellphone video footage that freed them and got Ndonye to admit she made up the story. Newsday reports, Rice "said that evidence - which included cell phone video - led her office to insist on language in a deferred prosecution agreement that would make it impossible for Ndonye to later change her story and claim that while she may not have been raped, she'd been sexually assaulted or sexually abused." She added, "We did not want any loopholes. I know there are some who believe that 18-year-olds don't act like this in college dorms, but I am not the moral police. No matter what it was, it was consensual."

Rice also pointed out that if the case went to court, the record would have been sealed and accuser Danmell Ndonye might have walked away without any prison time, given her age and clean record, "There is no doubt that this is not a politically popular decision. I think it was the right decision."