Aaron Hand, already in jail for 8 1/3 to 25 years for his role in a fraudulent $100 million mortgage scheme, is now facing 25 years to life for allegedly trying to hire a hitman to whack a witness who testified against him. Hand's big problem? Like so many hit men these days, the one Hand tried to hire was actually an undercover investigator from the DA's office wearing a wire. The office had been tipped off that Hand wanted somebody dealt with.

"He’s a pussy, a total fucking pussy," prosecutors say Hand, 39, was taped at the Coxsackie Correctional Facility saying. "I wish I was there to see his fucking face," he reportedly went on. “Watch him fucking suffer."

Hand had a very specific plan for how he wanted the murder to go. There were to be three men set up outside the victim's house, one in front and two in back. "Rush the back and pop, and pop right through the back door," Hand is said to have ordered. "Boom. Lights are shattered. ... Rush in, boom, boom, boom. Run upstairs, downstairs, get it—just hit the road. No samples...No DNA...You know, no trace of nothing." And if the man's wife and two children were home? "I think if you leave anybody, you might have a—you might have a problem," Hand allegedly said.

Another problem for Hand is that he apparently didn't think hiring three men to kill a guy was a very expensive operation. He allegedly paid off the undercover cop with an initial downpayment of $150 (given to him by an associate who got the money from Hand's parents!) on a $2,000 total fee.

Hand yesterday pleaded not guilty to the charges. Hand is currently serving time for his role as the leader in a mortgage-fraud scheme in which 27 people were convicted or pleaded guilty. His intended victim had plead guilty and by cooperating with authorities had not been sent to jail.