Back in 2009, Gerardo Sanchez stabbed a man on a D train after demanding a seat. Yesterday, he was sentenced for 25 years in prison.

The incident occurred on November 21, 2009 around 2 a.m. Apparently Sanchez had boarded the first car of the northbound train at Rockefeller Center and asked Dwight Johnson to remove his bag from a seat. Initially, it was reported that Johnson had declined and punched Sanchez, who then pulled out a steak knife, but another passenger said that Sanchez was unprovoked. (A photography student documented the bloody horror.)

The conductor kept the doors closed, locking the other terrified passengers in the subway car between Rockefeller Center and Seventh Avenue, so police could catch Sanchez, which raised questions about the MTA's concern for its passengers. Sanchez pleaded guilty to the killing last month and his family wasn't surprised of the stabbing—in 2009, when the Post called a relative, an aunt said, "What did he do this time? Did he finally kill someone?