If you were mildly inconvenienced due to a closed D train platform yesterday, know that it was for a worthwhile reason: A group of eight children vomited in unison all over the station at Fordham Road.

According to the Post, a group of 11 day-campers were returning home from swimming in Central Park's Lasker Pool when eight of them simultaneously retched upon the platform around 5 p.m.

A sanitation worker dispensed with the mess before the FDNY arrived. The kids, ranging in age from 9 to 12, were transported to Saint Barnabus Medical Center. Police told the Daily News that their symptoms were consistent with heat exhaustion and dehydration.

Incredibly, the mass vomiting did not result in any train delays.

We reached out to both the Health Department and Parks Department for information on any possible additional culprit behind the illness, and will update when we hear back.