2006_02_awful.jpgSome intriguing legal news: A panel is suggesting that NY State overhaul divorce laws to allow no-fault divorces. Which means that two parties that want to divorce can do so more easily, as the current law states, as the NY Times puts it, "one party in the divorce must allege cruel and inhumane treatment, adultery, or abandonment — literal or sexual — for a year." This would be good for people who want to break up but probably bad for divorce lawyers and the Roman Catholic Church; Judge Judith Kaye, who is interested in this issue, said it might also mean divorcing parties wouldn't have to resort to making up things about each other in order to forward the divorce. Hmm, if this happens, Gothamist wonders if there will be even more green card marriages - no more one year wait at the end - just the waiting for the visit from the INS.

This news comes as the Daily News reports how a divorcing couple in Borough Park are going to be splitting their huge home - "wall built smack dab in the middle of their dining room." Simon Taub, who owns a big sweather company in Williamsburg, has a heart condition and wants to be close to his doctor and kids; no matter that he owns the house next door. His wife, China Taub, will appeal the decision. This has the makings of a wacky sitcom or romantic comedy (speaking of, we recommend the classic screwball romance, The Awful Truth).