If we're still living in a world where women are defined by which Sex and the City character they best represent, then Cynthia Nixon is definitely not a Carrie [Ed: This just blew my mind]. The former SATC star, who has been hard at work supporting mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio these days, told the Times' Style section she wasn't into the show's celebration of "conspicuous consumption," (their words, not hers). So what does she think of Girls, then? Is she also bummed about Charlie? TELL US, CYNTHIA.

Nixon spoke with the Times about her involvement with the de Blasio campaign; she's been stockpiling celebrity endorsements from the likes of Tony Kushner and Susan Sarandon, and organizing an LGBT benefit for him. "There are weeks where four or five days in a row, I’m doing something with Cynthia," de Blasio told the Times. "She’s that fully involved with the campaign." Nixon's been a staunch supporter of public education, something de Blasio's made one of the cornerstones of his mayoral run. Though one key celebrity Democrat seemed surprised by Nixon's pick. When she reached out to Alec Baldwin for a de Blasio endorsement, he told Nixon—who married longtime girlfriend Christine Marinoni last year—that he expected her to support Christine Quinn.

Meanwhile, it seems Miranda's less-than-impressive wardrobe rubbed off on Nixon, who takes the subway (just like Bloomberg!) and says she wasn't happy with her hit TV show's endless parade of designer clothing and cosmos. "It’s an aspect of the show I never liked," she said, recalling a scene from the film in which Mr. Big builds Carrie and her shoe collection a walk-in closet. "Because I thought: ‘Is this what these women in the audience think true love is? A man who has enough money to buy you a walk-in closet?’" God, way to be a Miranda.