091608northside.jpgNorthside Car Service, the dominant livery cab company in Williamsburg, has become the target of a boycott after an accident with a cyclist last week. In a widely circulated email, a friend of the unidentified cyclist—who himself called for a boycott in a Gothamist comment Friday—says that on September 10th the driver made an “irrationally fast turn” from Kent onto North Seventh, forcing the cyclist to "slam on the brakes, flip completely over the handlebars, and land under the hood of the car." (Under the hood?) The driver sped off, but the cyclist, who broke his elbow and collarbone, later met with Northside and received compensation for his medical expenses. His friend is not so easily placated, and tells Brooklyn Paper he wants to "make them accountable for the hit and run." Only time will tell if Northside will be able stay afloat without business from the cyclist demographic.