It's another case of cyclist v. tourist on the Brooklyn Bridge, but this one turned out much worse for the tourist. Seven-year-old Porter Nielsen from Utah was walking along the Brooklyn Bridge with his family when he was hit by a cyclist last night. He was put into a neck brace on the scene, before being brought to Bellevue Hospital. Cyclist Reynaldo Morales was riding his bike on the bridge's boardwalk and the Nielsens were walking on the pedestrian path when they collided near the Prospect Street exit, most likely when one of them wandered past the line separating the two lanes.

Morales told the Post, "It was just an accident. I was riding and it was dark and the kid popped out of nowhere. I wasn't worried if I got hurt. I was only worried for the kid. He's only 7." Morales received no citation, and Nielsen's injuries were reportedly not believed to be serious. However, Fortune Favors the Bold is questioning why anyone is reporting this story in the first place: "Sounds like there’s a news hook whenever a cyclist hits a pedestrian lately, no matter what the story is...Everyone knows that kids have a tendency to suddenly dart into dangerous places, right? Headline could have easily been, 'Wayward kid hits a cyclist.'" Yeah, but bike news is so hot right now.