Two months ago the Parks Department installed some orange barrels on West Lake Drive in Prospect Park to try and protect pedestrians from all those "speeding" cyclists. But maybe they need some better signage at the "chute?" Because last weekend there was another accident in the area—the second since the barrels went up.

The latest crash occurred around 4 p.m. on Saturday, when a cyclist reportedly struck a 62-year-old pedestrian, causing him to break his hand. Though Park officials say that only the cyclist was hurt in the incident (he "got distracted and fell"), the FDNY acknowledges that the pedestrian needed to be transported by ambulance to New York Methodist Hospital.

This most recent accident at the tricky stretch of road is just one more example that negotiating safety between pedestrians and cyclists (not to mention cars) is a tricky thing. The Parks Department installed those barrels to make the path clearer for cyclists and the road's danger more apparent to pedestrians—but at the same time they've made the road smaller and harder to maneuver for bicycles and given pedestrians another set of objects to worry about being hidden behind. Assuming that the number of cyclists in the city continues to rise, don't be surprised if the Parks Department starts moving towards a more aggressive option: physically changing the path on the hill to slow down cyclists. Because ticketing sure didn't seem to do the trick.

Though maybe you've got a better idea for how to make the Prospect Park "chute" safe for walkers and those on wheels? (No, killing all the cyclists is not an option.)