A reader sent us photographs of an incident that happened last night: A cyclist was hit and apparently run over by a cab just after 7 p.m. at Broadway and East 4th Street in Manhattan.

The tipster told us, "I'm kind of in shock so you're gonna have to get details from someone else, but I just witnessed this guy get pulled under a cab... According to witnesses the cabbie was clearly at fault." He added that he wasn't sure whether the cab driver was at fault, because he didn't see the street lights, "I only saw the actual collision and the aftermath."

The FDNY confirmed that a male cyclist in his 20s was hit by a cab (they received the call at 7:05 p.m. and were there three minutes later, taking him to the hospital at 7:23 p.m.). The NYPD didn't have any details; keep in mind, the NYPD only investigates incidents where victims are likely to die or are critically injured.