The NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau is investigating an incident involving an allegedly pistol-flashing off-duty cop and a pissed-off cyclist on Bleecker Street Saturday night. Bike rider Ryan Stepka, 36, was pedaling home around 11:30 p.m. when a driver in a Volkswagen with heavily tinted windows almost sideswiped him. Stepka says he banged on the window to alert the driver to his presence, but the car continued to force him to the curb as they approached a stoplight. "That’s when I got off my bike and approached the window to talk to the guy," Stepka tells the Post. And when the window rolled down, shit got real:

The gun was pointed at my face with the guy staring at me in my eyes. He had a look of death in his eyes. He looked me square into my eyes, like, ‘I will shoot you in the face.’ I was in disbelief, my throat dried up. He pointed the gun like a thug in a movie. He didn’t say anything, just pointed the gun and then kept driving. I was shocked, like is this really happening in today’s day and age in New York City?

After sending a crystal clear message, the unidentified driver sped off, but Stepka called 911 and soon came upon the Volkswagen near Barrow Street and West 4th Street, with two NYPD patrol cars on the scene. "I yelled, 'Stop the guy! He pulled a gun on me!"' Stepka tells the Daily News. "They surround the car with their guns drawn, and he rolls down the window and must have shown them his badge because they all lowered their weapons." Both the driver and Stepka were taken into custody, and Stepka's lawyer says, "They started getting physical with him. He got upset, but he certainly didn't break any laws."

For insider analysis, we turn to popular police message board NYPD Rant, where the general consensus is that Stepka got off easy: "So he got off his bike in the middle of the night to confront a motorist at a red light, after he banged on his car window. He's lucky it was a PO in that car and not some savage who'd tune him up nicely." Another thinks Stepka "should have been issued a summons for harassment." And a third offers a possible line of defense for the cop: "I feared that he may have been attempting to carjack me at the redlight, so I pulled my firearm, and then fled."