You'll recall the brouhaha sparked by the video of a cop body-slamming a man off his bicycle back in the summer of '08; the officer lost his job and the cyclist, Christopher Long, filed a fat lawsuit. Well, the Post is quick to report today that Long was recently involved "in a drunken incident" in Bedford-Stuyvesant just before 1 a.m. on Wednesday. Does this mean we have to find a new hero?

An NYPD spokesman tells us Long was charged with criminal mischief for damaging a car mirror. According to the Post's source, he kicked off a mirror on the 2000 Honda as the driver sat inside. The 31-year-old woman got out and a "commotion" ensued. It sounds like a cyclist-driver altercation, but the NYPD press liaison tells us Long was not riding a bike. Details are a little sketchy, but really this is all just an excuse to watch the classic video that started it all, for old times sake: