A Queens man who was hit by a motorist earlier this month and sustained only a minor arm injury died of sepsis days later, police announced today. Antonio Flores, 59, of Elmhurst, was biking east on Broadway on July 7th at approximately 8:05 a.m. when he was struck by a driver also traveling east on Broadway. Flores was hit when tried to make a left turn on to Baxter Avenue.

When the collision first happened, Flores was able to walk into Elmhurst Hospital under his own power and was treated for a minor arm injury. But police say that he returned to the hospital three days later on Sunday, July 10th, and was pronounced dead on Monday, July 11th.

A police spokeswoman said the city medical examiner ruled Flores's death was caused by sepsis related to blunt impact to an extremity.

No 911 call had been recorded after the initial crash, but the NYPD's Highway Collision Investigation Squad is now investigating the incident.